Hello World, I'm Tamara.

I'm a User Experience Designer.


I love bringing ideas to life! I'm a user experience designer with coding skills and a marketing background. I'm resourceful and curious. I love traveling and learning about people and culture.

I was born in the wonderful city of Guadalajara, Mexico. I grew up dancing ballet, camping with the Girl Scouts and using my dad's computer. I lived in Mexico, India and California. I have a crush on Silicon Valley.

I have been making this world a better place since I discovered I can contribute to it. And I believe we all can do it.


Here’s a preview of my projects:

DocuSign eNotary

In-person electronic notarization support in DocuSign

DocuSign Digital Signatures

Easiest-to-use, eIDAS compliant digital signature solution

ICP-Brasil Compliant Signatures

Signing with a smartcard or token-based digital certificate

DocuSign Signature Validator

Web-based digital signatures verification tool

Want to see more of my work?